Vinyl Karndean Flooring From Gloucestershire

Karndean is recognised as one of the top luxury vinyl flooring brands that began like in the Midlands and is now available around the world. St James Carpets are a supplier for the brand based in Cheltenham and can help you make a choice from the many beautiful products that the brand offers to get the right one for your home.

About the Karndean brand

Karndean began in 1973 when company founder Mike Walker began to look for something different to sell to his customers. He wanted a product that was beautiful as well as practical and set about looking for new ways to create vinyl flooring. The result was a flooring concept rather than just something to cover your floor and this has inspired a brand that is now popular around the world.

Another reason the brand is popular is that they offer a Purchase Guarantee that is transferable. So, if you buy flooring for your home and within the guarantee period, you sell the house, that guarantee transfers to the new owners. This is a useful selling point when you are adverting your property!

Choosing the right flooring

Here at St James Carpets, our aim is to help you find the right Karndean product for your home. We have a showroom where you can visit and see the products for yourself and we also offer installation once you have made your selection. This ensures that the product is fitted perfectly and that the guarantee will be in force.

Many of the flooring choices mimic the best in stone and wood materials while having the benefit of the vinyl flooring style. This means ease of cleaning, durability and a timeless style that will withstand changes to décor easily. If this sounds like your type of flooring, simply call into the showroom today to learn more.


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Karndean Vinyl Flooring


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